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How to Call Taiwan from the USA: The Complete Guide

So you want to ring Taiwan from the good ol’ USA? Whether it’s family, friends, or business associates on the other end, making that call shouldn’t make you sweat bullets. Read on for the ultimate guide on dialing Taiwan like a pro.

International Dialing Codes: The 101

Before you press that call button, remember, that it’s an international call. Different rules, folks! You need a few codes to make the magic happen.

Code TypeNumberWhat it Means
Exit Code011USA’s international exit code
Country Code886Taiwan’s country code
Area CodeVariesThe specific location in Taiwan
Local NumberVariesThe actual phone number

So, the calling formula is like a secret sauce:

📞 011 + 886 + Area Code + Local Number

Exit Code: Unlock the Gate

First things first. Dial 011 to tell the system you’re going international. Think of it as the key to the worldwide calling gate.

Country Code: Hitting the Bullseye

Next up, 886. That’s Taiwan’s unique identifier in the telecommunication world. Punch it in.

Area Codes: Zoom In

Taiwan isn’t one giant landline, you know? You need an area code for specific locations. For example, Taipei’s area code is 2. Keep it in mind.

Popular Taiwanese CitiesArea Code

Local Number: Final Destination

This is the easy part—if you know the number, just dial it. Simple as that.

Pro Tips: Because Why Not?

  1. Check Time Zones: Taiwan is ahead by 12 or 13 hours, depending on daylight savings. Don’t call at awkward hours.
  2. Use VoIP Services: Apps like Skype and WhatsApp can save you money. But ensure the quality’s good.
  3. Consider a Calling Plan: Frequent calls? Get a specialized international calling plan.

Costs and Alternatives: Money Talks!

International calls can be pricey. Keep an eye on your bill or explore alternatives like VoIP services.

Calling MethodEstimated Cost per Minute
Landline$0.20 – $0.60
Mobile$0.30 – $0.80
VoIP$0.02 – $0.10

Remember to check your service provider for exact rates!


Q: Can I dial Taiwan for free?

A: Not usually, unless you have a specific calling plan or use a free VoIP service like WhatsApp.

Q: What if the call doesn’t go through?

A: Double-check the codes and the number. If it still fails, contact your service provider.

In a Nutshell

Calling Taiwan from the USA can be a piece of cake—or a piece of pie, if that’s what you’re into. Get your codes right, check the time, and dial away. Happy calling! 📞