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How to Call Lithuania from the USA

Calling Lithuania from the United States is simple with the right tools and information. With the growth of technology and telecommunications, it’s easier than ever to connect with people around the world. This guide will provide tips, resources, and step-by-step instructions on how to call Lithuania from the USA hassle-free.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lithuania’s country code is +370
  • You need to dial 011 or 00 before the country code when calling from the US
  • Use VoIP services like Skype to call Lithuania cheaply
  • Download apps like WhatsApp to call over wifi or data
  • You can purchase Lithuania SIM cards to avoid roaming fees

When calling abroad, the process may seem complicated but just remember:

  1. Check the time difference between countries
  2. Have the full phone number including country code
  3. Use calling cards, apps, or VoIP services to save money

With the right preparation, you’ll be chatting with Lithuania in no time!

How to Dial Lithuania from the US

To call Lithuania directly from a landline or mobile phone in the US, you need to dial:

011 or 00 – US exit code
370 – Lithuania country code
2 – Lithuanian area code (optional)
Full Lithuania phone number

For example, to call Vilnius, the full number would be:

011 or 00
5 (Vilnius area code)
123 4567 (Lithuanian phone number)

So the final number to dial would be either:

011 370 5 123 4567


00 370 5 123 4567

This instructs your phone provider to connect you to the Lithuanian phone network so you can reach the local number.

Here’s a list of some area codes within Lithuania:

City or RegionArea Code

When Do You Need the Area Code?

Lithuanian area codes usually have just one or two digits and are required when dialing Lithuania from abroad.

However, if you are calling a mobile phone number in Lithuania, you typically just need to dial 370 followed by the mobile number.

Some common area codes for major Lithuanian cities include:

  • Vilnius: 5
  • Kaunas: 37
  • Klaipeda: 46
  • Siauliai: 41

Best Options for Calling Lithuania from the US

There are a variety of options to consider when you need to make calls to Lithuania while based in the US.

Landline Calling with Prepaid Cards

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Calling Lithuania from a landline using an international calling card or prepaid service like Pingo can be a cost-effective option.

These services provide discounted rates to Lithuania by allowing you to first dial an access number in the US, then enter your pin code and the number you are trying to reach. Prepaid cards are available at many supermarkets, drug stores, and online.

Mobile Calling with International Plans

Check if your US mobile carrier offers an international plan or Lithuania add-on. For instance, T-Mobile and Verizon have options to add calling and texting capabilities abroad for a daily fee. This allows you to avoid costly roaming charges.

Internet Calling via VoIP

Using Voice over IP (VoIP) services like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, and FaceTime Audio provide affordable ways to call internationally using your phone, computer, or tablet if you have a stable internet connection.

Skype even offers subscriptions like Unlimited Lithuania that let you make unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles.

Purchasing a Lithuania SIM Card

If you are traveling to Lithuania, purchasing a prepaid Lithuania SIM card for your unlocked device is a great way to make calls within the country and even back to the US cheaply.

These SIMs give you a temporary Lithuanian phone number and access to local rates. Popular providers include Tele2, Bitė, and Telia.

Tips for Calling Lithuania from the US

Keep these tips in mind to ensure smooth calls to Lithuania:

  • Check the time difference – Lithuania is 9 hours ahead of US Eastern Time and 6 hours ahead of US Pacific Time. Make sure to call during awake hours.
  • Have the full number – Include the country code, area code, and local number when dialing Lithuania numbers from the US.
  • Download a calling app – Apps like Skype work well for both audio and video calls over wifi. WhatsApp is also very popular in Lithuania.
  • Use a headset – Headsets prevent echo and background noise for clearer calls.
  • Verify any calling restrictions – Some US carriers may block calls to certain high-risk countries. Double check with your provider.
  • Know the rates – Confirm the per minute or monthly rate for Lithuania calls so there are no surprises on your bill.

With the right approach, calling Lithuania is simple. Just follow the dialing format for Lithuania, use apps and calling cards to save money, and communicate at the right times for a great experience.

Choosing the Best Time to Call

With the 9 hour time difference between Lithuania and the US, timing your phone calls appropriately ensures you reach people during awake hours.

Here are some tips for the best times to call:

  • If you are on the US East Coast, try calling between 1-5 pm your time. This translates to 10pm-2am in Lithuania.
  • For US Central Time, aim for calling between 11am-3pm. That slots into Lithuania’s 8pm-12am window.
  • Those on Pacific Time in the US can call between 8am-12pm to reach early evenings in Lithuania.

Also keep holidays and weekends in mind, as people’s schedules vary. Having flexibility helps maximize your chance of connecting.

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Activating International Calling on Your Phone

Before dialing internationally, ensure your cellular plan supports calling Lithuania. Most postpaid plans include international dialing capability, but prepaid and legacy plans may not.

Contact your provider to add an international package or enable international dialing. This may incur extra costs but prevents your calls from being blocked.

You can also use Skype, WhatsApp, or other VoIP services to circumvent carrier restrictions and save money. Just connect to wifi for free calls.

Pro Tips to Improve Call Quality

Choppy audio, echoes, and disconnects can be frustrating. Use these tips for higher call quality:

  • Use a headset – Headsets reduce background noise on both ends. Over-the-ear headsets work better than earbuds.
  • Download speed booster apps – Apps like Speedify can enhance internet speeds for crystal clear VoIP calls.
  • Try WiFi calling – For smartphone users, WiFi calling routes calls over wifi for better reliability.
  • Check your router modem – If using a home internet connection, reboot your router and modem before important calls.
  • Face the router – When using WiFi or cellular data, face toward your wireless router or mobile tower for optimal signal strength.

Saving Money on Calls to Lithuania

Calling abroad can get expensive very quickly. Here are some creative ways to reduce the costs:

  • Use free apps – WhatsApp and FaceTime Audio offer free international calls over data/wifi. Enable them before traveling.
  • Buy a local SIM card – Once in Lithuania, local SIMs provide affordable local and US calling rates.
  • Leverage toll-free numbers – Some Lithuanian businesses have toll-free 800 numbers that you can dial from the US.
  • Schedule calls judiciously – Plan shorter, periodic calls instead of marathon sessions. Set agendas to optimize time.
  • Consider a VoIP add-on – Some US carriers offer unlimited calling add-ons for an extra monthly fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest way to call Lithuania from the US?

Using VoIP services like Skype or WhatsApp to make calls over the internet is the most affordable option. Purchasing a Lithuania SIM card also provides great domestic call rates.

Can I use my US cell phone number in Lithuania?

Your US number will work in Lithuania by enabling international roaming on your account, but you will incur costly roaming charges. Getting a local SIM is recommended to avoid these fees.

Is WiFi readily available in Lithuania for internet calls?

Yes, Lithuania has widespread, high-speed public WiFi in most cities and towns provided by companies like Telia. Cafes, restaurants, hotels, and shops also typically offer free customer WiFi.

What happens if I dial a Lithuania number wrong?

You will hear an error recording in Lithuanian. Double check the county code, area code, and phone number and try dialing again. Having the number written down or saved prevents mistakes.

Can I receive calls to my US number while in Lithuania?

Yes, your US cell number will still work to receive calls worldwide by enabling international roaming if supported by your carrier. VoIP services also allow you to get calls regardless of location.


Calling Lithuania is simple when armed with the right dialing format, calling tools, and tips for saving money and optimizing call quality. Apps like Skype and WhatsApp make it easy and affordable. Just be mindful of the time difference, check your carrier settings, and leverage the various options at your disposal for smooth sailing.

With the telephone bringing people together across continents, the world feels a little smaller and connections with loved ones in Lithuania are closer than ever.