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How to Call Paris from the USA

How to Call Paris from the USA: Best Ways In 2023

Ah, Paris! The City of Lights. Whether you’re reaching out to a loved one, making a business call, or simply dialing a Parisian bistro for a reservation, knowing how to call Paris from the USA is essential. Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Dialing Code: The international dialing code for France is +33.
  • Exit Code: The USA exit code is 011.
  • Paris Area Code: The area code for Paris is 1.
  • VoIP Services: Companies like Vonage offer affordable rates for international calls.
  • Common Mistakes: Avoid dialing mistakes like forgetting the exit code or misplacing the area code.
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The Basics: Dialing Paris

Step-by-Step Instructions

Calling Paris from the U.S. is a breeze if you follow these steps:

  1. Dial 011: This is the U.S. exit code.
  2. Dial 33: This is the country code for France.
  3. Dial 1: The area code for Paris.
  4. Enter the Local Number: This is the 8-digit Parisian phone number you wish to reach.

The format looks like this: 011 + 33 + 1 + ????????

Watch this Tutorial:

Paris Area Codes

While Paris primarily uses the area code ‘1’, it’s essential to know the area codes of other major French cities if you plan to dial outside the capital.

CityArea Code

Avoid These Dialing Mistakes

It’s easy to make errors when dialing internationally. Here are some common pitfalls:

  • Forgetting the Exit Code: Always start with 011 when dialing from the U.S.
  • Misplacing the Area Code: Remember, for Paris, it’s ‘1’.
  • Not Checking the Time: Paris is ahead of U.S. time zones. Ensure it’s a decent hour in Paris when you call.

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Modern Solutions: VoIP Services

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, like Vonage, provide an alternative to traditional phone calls. These platforms often offer more affordable rates and additional features.

Check this out: Vonage’s exclusive pricing plans

Best Time to Call Paris

Time Zone Considerations

Given the time difference between the USA and Paris, it’s crucial to choose the right time for your call. Paris operates on Central European Time (CET), which is UTC+1. Here’s a comparison with various U.S. time zones:

U.S. Time ZoneUTC OffsetTime Difference with Paris (CET)
Eastern (EST)UTC-5Paris is 6 hours ahead
Central (CST)UTC-6Paris is 7 hours ahead
Mountain (MST)UTC-7Paris is 8 hours ahead
Pacific (PST)UTC-8Paris is 9 hours ahead
Dialing Paris from the USA with Eiffel Tower in the background

Daylight Saving Time (DST)

Both the U.S. and France observe Daylight Saving Time, but the start and end dates might differ. Always check if DST is in effect to ensure you’re calculating the time difference correctly.

Cost-Effective Methods to Call Paris

VoIP and Online Services

VoIP services like Skype and Zoom offer affordable rates for international calls. Some even provide free calls if both parties use the same platform.

VoIP ProviderCost per MinuteFeatures
SkypeVariesVideo calls, instant messaging
ZoomVariesVideo conferencing, screen sharing
Map of the USA and France connected by a phone call

Prepaid International Calling Cards

Another option is using prepaid international calling cards. These cards can be purchased online or at local stores. They offer competitive rates but always read the fine print for any hidden fees.

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Cultural Etiquette When Calling Paris

When calling Paris, especially for business, it’s essential to be aware of some cultural etiquette:

  • Formal Greetings: Start with “Bonjour” (Good day) in the morning or “Bonsoir” (Good evening) in the evening.
  • Use Titles: Address people with their titles, such as “Monsieur” or “Madame,” followed by their last name.
  • Be Punctual: While the French might be more relaxed about punctuality, it’s always good to be on time.
  • Avoid Personal Topics: Stick to professional subjects during business calls.
Vintage telephone with the French flag and the U.S. flag

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does it cost to call Paris from the U.S.?
    The cost varies depending on your service provider and the method you choose. VoIP services might offer cheaper rates than traditional phone calls.
  2. How to call a mobile number in Paris from the U.S.?
    The process is similar. Dial the U.S. exit code, then the French country code, followed by the mobile number. Remember, French mobile numbers start with ‘6’ or ‘7’.