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How to Call from Pakistan to USA

Calling from Pakistan to the United States can seem daunting, but with the right information, it’s easy to connect with friends and family across the continents. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to make calls from Pakistan to USA numbers quickly and affordably.

Choose a Calling Option

There are a few different ways to call the US from Pakistan:

  • Landline to landline – If you have a landline phone in Pakistan, you can directly dial a US landline number. This is the most straightforward option.
  • Mobile phone – You can call a US number from your Pakistani mobile phone. This usually involves paying higher international calling rates.
  • Calling cards – Calling cards allow you to make inexpensive calls to the US from Pakistan by assigning you a local access number and PIN code.
  • VoIP services – Using Voice over IP (VoIP) services like Skype, WhatsApp, or Google Voice can be one of the most affordable ways to call the US.
  • Premium call-back services – These services give you a US number to call. When it rings, the service automatically calls your Pakistani number, connecting the call.

Dialing Format for Calls from Pakistan to USA

10 popular state area codes based on major cities or populous regions:

RankStateArea CodeMajor City
1New York212, 646New York City
2California310Los Angeles
10District of Columbia202Washington, D.C.

To dial a phone number in the US from Pakistan, you need to use the following format:

011 + 1 + Area code + Local phone number

So a full phone number would be dialed like:

011 1 212 555 1234

Here’s what each part of the dialing format means:

  • 011 – Exit code when making international calls from Pakistan
  • 1 – US country code
  • Area code – 3 digit area code of the location you are calling
  • Local number – 7 digit local phone number

Best Times to Call from Pakistan to USA

With the time difference between Pakistan and the US, choosing the right time to call can make a difference in whether you catch the person you are trying to reach.

Here are the best times to call:

  • East Coast USA (EST): From 11:00 pm – 12:00 pm PKT
  • Central USA (CST): From 10:00 pm – 11:00 am PKT
  • West Coast USA (PST): From 8:00 pm – 9:00 am PKT
  • Montana & Arizona USA (MST): From 9:00 pm – 10:00 am PKT

Avoid calling early morning or late night when people are likely sleeping.

Tips for Calling USA Numbers from Pakistan

  • Use a smartphone app – A free app like WhatsApp can let you call US numbers very cheaply. Just make sure the person you’re calling also has the app.
  • Buy a calling card – Calling cards are inexpensive, easy to use, and work from any phone. Look for a reputable international calling card provider.
  • Use a headset – Headsets allow you to have hands-free conversations that are easier to hear than phone speakers.
  • Try an internet phone – If you have a reliable high-speed internet connection, an internet phone using VoIP technology provides clear call quality.
  • Schedule calls in advance – Set up planned call times so you know the person you’re calling will be available.
  • Confirm the time difference – Double check time zones to make sure you are calling at a convenient time and not the middle of the night.

Choosing the Best Service for Calling the USA

There are a variety of services that can help you call the United States affordably from Pakistan. Here is an overview of some of the best options:

Calling Cards

Calling cards allow you to dial a local access number, enter your card’s PIN code, and then dial the number you want to call in the US. Some benefits include:

  • Inexpensive per minute rates, often under $0.02/minute
  • Available from many providers and in a range of denominations
  • Calls can be made from any phone – cell, landline, or payphone

Some popular international calling card providers include Locus, GoldenRate, and Nobelcom.

VoIP Calling Services

RankService ProviderNotable FeaturesPricingUser Rating (approx)
1RingCentralUnlimited calling, video conferencing, SMS, and fax.Starts at $19.99/user/month4.2/5
2NextivaUnlimited calling, video conferencing, auto attendant, and more.Starts at $20/user/month4.5/5
3VonageUnlimited calling, SMS, team messaging, and more.Starts at $19.99/user/month4.1/5
4OomaUnlimited calling, virtual receptionist, and more.Starts at $19.95/user/month4.3/5
58×8Unlimited calling, video conferencing, and more.Starts at $12/user/month4.2/5

Using Voice over IP (VoIP) services utilizes an internet connection rather than traditional phone lines. Some top VoIP options include:

  • Skype – Free computer-to-computer calls. Cheap rates for calls to mobiles/landlines.
  • WhatsApp – Free voice and video calls to others using WhatsApp.
  • Google Voice – Free calls within the US and Canada. Low per minute rates for international calls.

VoIP calls typically have better call quality than traditional long distance.

Premium Call Back Services

With premium call back services, you dial an access number which rings once and hangs up. The service then calls you back, connecting you to the number you want to reach. This avoids high per minute rates. Popular providers include:

  • iCalltollFree
  • Rakuten Viber Out
  • Rebtel

Communication Apps

Apps like FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, and Google Duo allow you to make free voice and video calls over the internet. The person you are calling needs to also have the app.

FAQs on Calling USA from Pakistan

How much does it cost to call the USA from Pakistan?

Costs vary depending on the method:

  • Landline to landline – Rs. 12/min
  • Mobile to USA number – Rs. 40/min
  • Calling card – As low as Rs. 2/min
  • VoIP call – Free to a few cents/minute

What is the best free way to call the USA from Pakistan?

The best free option is using communication apps like WhatsApp, FaceTime, or Facebook Messenger to call someone who also has the app. Video calls are also free with these apps.

Is it cheaper to call USA mobile or landline from Pakistan?

It is cheaper overall to call a US landline number compared to a mobile number when dialing directly. However, using VoIP, calling cards, or call back services can make calling US mobiles affordable too.

What is the time difference between Pakistan and USA?

Pakistan is 11-14 hours ahead of the different US time zones. This means evening in Pakistan is morning in the US.

Can I call USA toll-free numbers from Pakistan?

Unfortunately most US toll-free numbers can’t be accessed directly from Pakistan. But call back services and VoIP apps provide a low cost way to call toll-free numbers.